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California Compliance

We know and understand

  • + Student Disciplinary Proceedings
  • + AB 1729
  • + California Ed Code 48900 (f-t)


For Administrators

  • + District Reports
  • + School Site Reports
  • + Student Tracking
  • + Uturn Agreements
  • + Certificates of Completion


Positive Behavior Strategies

sosUturn™ modules compliment campuswide restorative practices and social justice programs
  • + Age-Appropriate
  • + Target Specific Behaviors
  • + Educator Created Content

For Every Empty Chair

  • + A Student Loses Out On Learning
  • + A District Loses ADA

We'll Help Uturn
That Around!

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We Are Your Other Means of Corrective Action

sosUturn™ online modules provide an additional avenue for students to become socially competent. Through engaging interactive readings, videos, and writing prompts, students become socially aware of their actions and the byproduct of their actions.


  • + Readings
  • + Read Alouds
  • + Videos
  • + Interactive and Printable Activities
  • + 2-4 Hours Each

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sosUturn Bullying reinforces healthy, pro-social alternatives to poor behavior choices.

Lost Revenue Calculator

Per Year,
    my district suspends  
    suspensions averaged x
    my district ADA IS x
  • A district suspended 480 students this year.
  • Suspensions averaged about 3 days each.
  • The district ADA is $65.
  • That district lost $93,600 in revenue.

We can help you prevent lost revenue at a district or school level.

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Fosters compliance with AB 1729 and California Ed Code. Learn more

Prevention and Intervention

sosUturn has partnered with The Pledge Tour to provide bullying & cyberbullying
prevention assemblies in conjunction with our sosUturn intervention modules.